Annapurna Circuit 3


The core of the Annapurnas where the views are like this.




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There are continuously changing scenes here with each step,
over many hours, through many days. For instance, on this
page, most of these photos were actually taken from one spot,
just by turning. Or, even just waiting few seconds as the
clouds move in and out changing the light on the mountains.
You can't really bring forth the size of these in photographs.
They overwhelm everything near them, which is probalby
why they have drawn people who are looking for something,
for millenia.

As you travel along you meet people from all over the world.
Many Europeans. No so many Americans. I met more Canadians
than Americans on this trip. The South Koreans are also numerous
now as compared to a few years ago. Their economy is on the
upswing and they have more money for trips like this.



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