Annapurna Circuit 4


This is part of another world. One which is very old.





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After walking further and further into the Himalayas for a week or 10 days,
the trail cut through the edge of the Mustang area not far from Tibet.
This is another world, where you get a glimpse of the past. The Braga
village I stumped upon in these photos is the most stunning human
built thing I've ever run across. I stopped and just looked at it from
a distance of a quarter mile for more than an hour, before venturing
into it. It's like going back 500 years. People still live here, much like
they have in past centuries.

They grow some buckwheat up here, which I ate in a local mush
type dish much to the delight of the locals. And there are some
fairly wild yaks running about. Much of the time,
life is beautiful, and hard.



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