Annapurna Circuit 7


Near Muktinath on the Annapurna Circuit, and then down lower where the water buffalos have bad breath.





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Many people have invited me into thier lives, including some in
these photos. In cultures without the automobile, it is much
easier to get to know people and how they think and how
they live their lives. It it more like it always was, until more
modern times starting in about the 1920s in the West.

The cities in Asia where I have been where walking is the
main means of transportation tend to be much more easy to
get around and live life in. They are also much more interesting.
And you tend to have more personal relationships with people,
because you deal with them rather than drive past them. I'm not
sure what that has to do with these photos, but most of Nepal
is still a rural trail culture where people walk, which is one of the
things that makes it so interesting.



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