The Annapurna Circuit in Nepal


A few photos from the Annapurna Circuit. This is the most famous hiking trek in the world.

Annapurna Circuit

The Annapurna Circuit encircles the biggeset mountains in the world
in Nepal. Trails run through mysterious and forbidding places.
It's the most established tea house trek, where you can
hike along during the day. And then stay in Nepali tea houses
at night. The tea houses are small lodges. They range from the
touristy lodge type operations which 20 rooms, or so, to family
homes where people make a few extra rupees.

You walk along beginning at low elevation and make your
way up into the Himalaya, eventually crossing Thorung La,
a pass at 17,700 feet elevation. That's high enough for
people to die of altitude sickness, if they are careless.

The trek winds through different ecosystems and mountain
cultures in the Himalayas. I carried 42GB of memory cards
and took more than 6000 photos on this trek. It was a
little short of what I needed. But, here are a few, in a
series of eight.

Annapurna Circuit I 

Annapurna Circuit II 

Annapurna Circuit III  

Annapurna Circuit IV  

Annapurna Circuit V   

Annapurna Circuit VI  

Annapurna Circuit VII  

Annapurna Circuit VIII  

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