Dashain Hindu Holy Days


Pictures from Dashain in Nepal.

Dashain is a big Hindu holy time in Nepal. It lasts about 15 days.
People dress up and go home to
visit relatives. The buses are jammed. Sacrificing goats is a big deal at
this time for the Hindus. I've been told that every taxi in Kathmandu
has a goat sacraficed to it, to help it run properly for the coming year.
And in fact, recently a goat was sacrified at the Tribuevan Airport
to try to get one of the jets in Nepali Airways to quit breaking
down. All in all, the whole Hindu thing is generaly mystifying to
Westerners, me included.

These photos are in Pokhara where people go out to an island
in the lake and do their puja at the temple. And of course,
if you are a goat, this is a good time to duck into the woods
and stay there for a few weeks.