Pokhara and Phewa Tal


Photos from Lakeside tourist area in Pokhara.

Hindu shrine in Pokhara

This small shrine is just near where I stay in Pokhara. It has
the Hindu Shiva god inside, and the Buddhist prayer flags outside.
This intermingling of Hinduism and Buddhism in Nepal is common
amongst the ordinary people.
It would be like in the West if a Christian went to a Jewish
synagogue, and thought nothing of it. Which is probably also
one of the reasons they don't tend to fight over religion.
Or, beat that horse for political gain. Though they do fight
over other things.

These photos are mostly from the Lakeside area of Pokhara, which
is probably the most touristed place in Nepal with the exception of
the Thamel area of Kathmandu. It's also not typical, in that
it is far more properous than other hill towns. There are even
cell phones and televisions here.
The mountains around it they call the Middle Hills,
which are similar in size to most of the Rockies.
The really big stuff is further up.

Pokhara is a lake town, thus the boats. It's the big draw here.