Prosperous Nepal Outside of Town


Some pictures from one of the more prosperous areas outside of Pokharal.

This would be considered one of the most propserous rural areas of
Nepal. The land is fertile, and it is located near Pokhara, which gets
a lot of money from tourism.

They have a lot of water buffalo in this river valley. When they graze
them this time of year, someone has to tend them continuously to
keep them out of the rice fields. They grow three crops in one year
in this particular area.- rice, wheat and corn. Higher up in the mountains,
of course, the seasons shorten until there is only seasonal yak
grazing, and eventually just snow.

This is also unusual in that there is somewhat of a road here. In many
places, villages are connected only by walking trails.

The oldest boy in the last photo is 19. There are 13 kids in his
family and he's getting ready to head to the Everest area to
make money to support the family. With no experience, he'll
probably be a porter carrying 60- to 100-pounds a day in
the mountains. Being from Pokhara, which is near sea level
elevation, he'll probably have a difficult time.