Nepal Trekking Guide and Pictures

This is In the land that time forgot where adventurers still partake in Nepal trekking high in the Himalaya.

Photos from our world-class archive were taken on expeditions lasting months. In this part of south Asia the hiking and culture experience is the best in the world. It is no accident that at least two of the world's major religions have their roots here, in this mystical backdrop of grandeur.

Trekking Nepal

Annapurna Circuit

Pokhara Lake boatsPokhara

Nepal landscapeNepal countryside

Tika on WomanDaishan Festival

Buddhist Monastery


Hiking the Nepal Himalaya

The beauty of Nepal from the trekking standpoint is that there are no roads once one gets into the most magnificent places. Just trails which have been used for foot, yak and horse traffic for hundreds or even thousands of years. They wind through the biggest mountains on Earth.

Many times, one can see and feel the ancient cultures which are still intact here. The mountain people of the Himalaya live on your way.